Rob with ppompam Fan Encounter @ Marcus gig, London : Sep 18,2010


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Hi Robsten Team @ 01:57 BKKLT


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Rob’s Fan Encounter @ Marcus gig on September 18, 2010


First of all, I have to tell you that Marcus gig was an unplanned. I’ve read some offending comments on twitter, LJ and fan sites about that night and also about me.

I am a Robsten Fan who run “Robsten Team Thailand”, a Fansite in Thai Language for more than year. I worked as an flight attendant for Thai Airways, which fortunately allowed me to go to some countries and got several chances to meet Rob, Kristen and Taylor.

The first time I met Rob, Kristen, and Taylor was in Paris during New Moon Premiere last November. I also went to LA on March this year to saw Kristen at The Runaways Premiere and the latest was at Eclipse fan Event in Stockholm. I am firstly a Kristen fan and then became Robsten fan, I love and support Kristen and also love to support Rob because Rob loves Kristen. If you have been following my twitter you would know me well.

I arrived in London-Heathrow on Friday morning, sleepy and exhausted after 12 hrs red eye flight. The Thai Airways Crew usually stay in a hotel near Kensington area, but for this period they moved us into a hotel near Heathrow that was pretty far from the city, so I felt a little lazy to go to downtown and was planning to stay in.

I knew about Rob sighting in London but I wasn’t sure about Kristen’s whereabouts, whether she’s in London or not. When @Sheeva DM me on Friday afternoon about Marcus gig on Saturday night and said I should go, I asked her why should I go? She told me that this might be fate (since it’s a coincidence) and since we didn’t know where’s Kristen, who knows she might be there.

I honestly had no idea about Marcus gig, nor had I ever listen to any of his songs. I also didn’t know the venue and how to get the the tickets, but @Sheeva asked me to wait a few minutes then told me that she has friends who also going to attend Marcus’ gig. She introduced me to Katie @vampirefreak101 and then I asked Katie whether was it possible or not for me to join her to see Marcus.

The most important reason that got excited was when @Sheeva told me that I would meet @sqicedragon there since she would also attending the gig. I was excited to see her because I’m a huge fans for MOTU, and also for other several reasons, you know what it is LOL. And another one was a girl from Brazil, @FePattz.

So, If you were in my position would you rather to stay in the hotel or come to join Marcus gig? Don’t tell me the answer.



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Rob and ppompam at Marcus’s concert in London !!


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Hi, Robsten Team from London @02:24 LONLT


แอบบอกว่า เราดังมากเลยนะตอนนี้ใน Robstenland

กับเรื่องจดหมายของ Kristen

เพราะทุกคนงงว่า ทำไม่ให้ Rob ด้วย

ฝากเรียน Grandma ว่า Rob รับปากสองครั้งซ้อน ว่าจะไม่ลืมให้จดหมายกับ Kristen

” Okay, I will “


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สองคนนี้ มาด้วยกัน .. Lynne รูปข้างล่าง เป็นเจ้าของ Blog ของ Rob ใน Facebook

และเธอเป็นคนเก็บจดหมายของ Kristen ที่ตกจากกระเป๋าเสื้อแจคเก็ตของ Rob แล้วคืนให้เขา ..

จดหมายของพวกเราเกือบไม่ถึงมือ Kristen แล้วมั้ยล่ะ อีตา Rob นั่นขนาดว่ายังไม่เมานะ

รูปของพวกเธอถ่ายด้วยกล้องจริงๆ ..สว่างใสชัดเจน

ของป้าน่ะถ่ายด้วย iphone4 ของ @Fepattz  .. มืดได้ใจ

ขอบคุณ Lynne ที่หยิบจดหมาย และส่งคืนให้ Rob, ขอบคุณจากใจจริงค่ะ


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