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Kristen on the Cover of ‘Madame Figaro’ France : October 2017

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“My ambiguity can disrupt people” : Kristen Stewart




“I live only for creation, that is where my freedom is best expressed.” : Kristen Stewart


Hair by Ken O’Rourke

Makeup by Christophe Danchaud

Style  CHANEL by @leilasmara

Photo by Matthew Brooks


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Interview By Richard Gianorio

Kristen Stewart, this magnetic actress, ex-little princess of Twilight , has become a champion of auteur cinema. Nobody could imagine Kristen Stewart, inaccessible Hollywood princess, in Paris, at the bottom of this impasse of the XIth popular district.  It is still summer, it is hot this afternoon, she suggests to settle down on the terrace of the bistro located opposite the photo studio where she just posed for Madame Figaro . It is discouraged: it has the effect of provoking uncontrollable crowd movements.

Grace and Frenzy

She wears a mini-shorts, boots, a tee-shirt notched, one notices the tattoo on the right forearm, a motif, it seems, inspired by Guernica , Picasso. It is a sort of modern Peter Pan, an elf, a superb banner in favor of androgyny. It rectifies: “ambiguity”. She is reminded of how graceful she is, with her fine face and remarkable green eyes. She smiled and lowered her head. “Gracious, that’s not what I used to hear. I have been cataloged once and for all in the category of ladies. ”

Kristen Stewart , 27, started off at the age of 8. She became known around the world at 11 years in Panic Room , where she played the daughter of Jodie Foster . In 2008, thunder when the first episode of the series Twilight . Her character Bella Swan maddened the planet, the film became a cultural and commercial phenomenon; Kristen Stewart, a generational idol (she is then called “K.Stew”), as well as her companion of the time, her partner Robert Pattinson . Media madness falls on her, but crucifies her in 2012, when she separates from “R.Patz,” after rumors of infidelity. She has the intelligence to reinvent herself: it will be Sils Maria (2014), by the French Olivier Assayas. She is perfect and gets a Caesar of the Best Second Role.

Rare bird

Since then, the girl with the golden eyes never ceases to captivate the directors, like Woody Allen , who makes her turn in Café Society . We follow the rebounds of an unregulated career (she will go to realization), we comment on her private life (the press specializes in couple with the top model Stella Maxwell). The world of luxury could not miss this rare bird: brunette, irradiating, talented and totally anti-conventional, she ideally embodies the standards of the Chanel house, which made her his favorite muse . It is now the face of the new Chanel perfume, Gabrielle, an outing event, since the house has not launched a feminine unpublished since 2002. Confessions of a child of the century.

Mrs. Figaro . - Would you have imagined becoming a beauty muse?

Kristen Stewart : “Not at all, it was inconceivable: child, I knew nothing of anything either fashionable or beautiful. I do not come from this world and I consider myself modestly like an interpreter, a passer-by, a sort of translator: I am above all concentrated on my work. Creators like Karl Lagerfeld are exactly like the good directors of cinema: they give you keys, guide you; it is up to you to open the door and blend into their universe. As for my supposed beauty, even though I am comfortable with what I am, I never focus on the idea that some might find me beautiful. First, because beauty is a totally subjective fact, and secondly because, if I listened to this kind of praise, I would become completely false. This consciousness would be hideous.

The Gabrielle perfume advertising clip was custom made for you.What does he say about Kristen Stewart? 

Kristen Stewart : There is a girl who emerges from her fetters and runs towards the horizon. To see someone running is contagious; and then, running is also an expression of freedom, even if it has been forgotten. More than mine, this mini-film captures the itinerary of Gabrielle Chanel, a woman who could neither be stopped nor ignored, a woman who advanced in spite of contrary currents. It embodies a certain idea of ​​the rebellion, but not only: it was also a person very connected with his inner heart and totally convinced that his convictions would triumph – what happened. It resembles what I would like to be, more than who I am.

Your free spirit is often emphasized. Is it easy not to submit to a certain social pressure when one is a successful American actress? 

Kristen Stewart : This will not have escaped you, I am rather little versed on the politically correct. I live only for creation, that is where my freedom expresses itself best. I have a compulsive nature, I am overactive, I can never stop or rest. I am always one hundred percent in what I do. When I start filming, I am exalted, I want to honor history, preserve it, magnify it. We plant a small seed that grows and finds its way as it can. So it is with creation.

Are you a feminist? And for what cause do you advocate? 

Kristen Stewart : Before becoming a strong woman, we must realize that the strength of women is different from that of men. It is imperative that we remain women and honor our condition. I also believe in flexibility, ambiguity. My ambiguity can disrupt people, but I see that things are changing rapidly: my generation is ready to accept change.

You play with this ambiguity …

Kristen Stewart : Must we be courageous to become what we are? We have to get used to the idea that we are all different and that not everyone will be on your side …

You do not make a mystery of your bisexuality. 

Kristen Stewart : I’m not afraid to be honest with that. I do not want the people who are in my situation to live out their sexuality, but there is neither militancy nor pride on my part: for me it is a natural thing, and there is no reason for me to deny it.

You spent half of your life on the movie sets. Have you had time to be a child?

Kristen Stewart : My career is special, but I was a child like any other: I went to public school, I grew up with my three brothers. The only difference is that I occasionally escaped to make a film. I had a kind of second life and I celebrated my 11th birthday on David Fincher’s Panic Room . Then I investigated the independent films before Twilight, which made me a “star” – a term that embarrasses me. It was not intended that the machine should race; it was a small production, nobody had measured the impact of this saga. Brutally, everything has changed, and my life has become something else. Being an actress is not an activity that one can practice in one’s own corner, as a painter or a musician; it is an indivisible profession of a team, an environment, an industry. So everything became enormous, and suddenly my life was studied under a microscope and then interpreted by opportunistic and money-hungry media. I had difficult moments, it was necessary to silence the din …

At one point, you were the victim of a ridiculously disproportionate media disavowal …

Kristen Stewart : A madness, an absurd thing and finally in line with the conventional line of the time. It struck me, but it did not put me down: I identified the anger and malice of some people I do not respect. If this media retreat had affected my work, I would have been devastated, but I continued to work with people who inspired me. It was a tormented period, but I got out of it.

What about your “European side”, you who have twice shot with Olivier Assayas? 

Kristen Stewart : I am often reminded of it, whereas I feel very American when I am here. Professionally, I work with the same kind of people in the United States and France, people who are invested, who are not motivated by success or by money. But it is not necessary to generalize: there are also conservative people in France, in the same way that I know many Americans with a strong artistic fiber. As for the Caesar received for Sils Maria, it was a shock and a great pride. An astonishment, because I felt that my contribution was modest compared to the film and the role of Juliette Binoche, which I wanted to serve. I did not even think I’d be noticed. In the United States, to win an Oscar, a demonstration of strength and a heavy performance are necessary. Alas, I know French cinema rather badly, which makes me feel sorry when I speak with Olivier Assayas – he has been critical and has seen everything. I love Jacques Audiard’s cinema. And Xavier Dolan , whom I met. We’ll see…


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“นักแสดงที่เจ๋งที่สุดที่ผมรู้จัก Kristen Stewart กับเจ้า Darth Vader หมาของผม .. มันคือรักแรกพบ ”

Photographer : Matthew Brooke

“Natural Beauty” 


โฟโต้ชู้เซ็ทนี้ ถ่ายทำที่ปารีส July 06, หลังจบงาน Chanel Paris Fashion Week : HERE


Source : |Richard Gianorio | Matthew Brooke Photo

HQ Photos :  Matthew Brooke

Digital Scans Thanks to  @Korita05

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