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VOGUE Paris ฉบับคริสต์มาส 2016 (Dec 2016/Jan 2017) Karl Lagerfeld  ได้รับเชิญมาเป็นบรรณาธิการ

และ ในเล่มมีแฟชั่นของ Kristen สำหรับแคมเปญใหม่ของ CHANEL

ที่ได้ถ่ายทำไปเมื่อ 12 ตุลาคม 2016 ที่ปารีส โดยมี Karl Lagerfeld เป็นช่างภาพด้วยตัวเอง

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Vogue  : Steps inside the world of Karl Lagerfeld this Christmas for a special double issue created by the master himself, alongside his muse Lily-Rose Depp and the Vogue Paris editorial team. Karl reminisces on one of the longest and most illustrious careers in fashion, spotlights his leading ladies and shares his greatest reads, with – of course – a special appearance from Choupette. With a collector’s cover photographed by Hedi Slimane, also a close friend, you can pick up your copy from December 5.

WWD : According to Vogue, Lagerfeld reflects his epic career in fashion and shares his greatest reads, favorite sunglasses and a selection of photography, including a new fashion story starring Kristen Stewart, a Chanel ambassador.


INTERVIEW : THE QUEEN KRISTENKristen Stewart is a curious phenomenon made in Hollywood. Risen to star status thanks to the Twilight saga, the Californian actress has the taste for cutting classes to European sets. An enlightened curiosity that put her on the road to Olivier Assayas. While their second movie Personal Shopper is hitting the big screen, the two accomplices got back together for a free-wheeling conversation orchestrated by novelist Anne Berest. On the menu, fashion, ghosts, and Karl Lagerfeld of course…

Anne Berest : In Personal Shopper, your character is in Paris because she is waiting for a “sign” from her brother. And you, do you believe in signs ?

Kristen Stewart : Yes I do believe in signs… For example, when I have to make a choice, I often rely on a game that consists of detecting a sign around me, a sign that will give me some kind of answer, or an indication of what I should do. When I walk on the street or drive somewhere, I’m gonna be attentive to everything around me, to the things that my eyes sets on – to read a sign. It’s a game that I do often, but it’s still just a game. I’m not completely superstitious ! And it’s sure that some of these signs often are, of course, an expression of my subconscious.

Olivier Assayas : Yes, I recognize myself in this contradiction. I believe in signs, I’m extremely supersticious. And in a way, quite concomitantly, I’m telling myself that we are choosing, among all these possible and unimaginable signs, the one that matches the answer we are waiting for.

K.S : Absolutely. In the end, the interpretation of the sign is the echo, the translation of our own decision. I believe in spirits and ghosts. And by the way, it’s not about beliefs, but more about a finding (note? Hard to find an appropriate translation of the word “constat”). I note that they exists all around us, not you ?

O.A : I believe in ghosts but not the same way you do I think ! I believe in it in the way that we are always having a conversation with the missing : the ones we loved and that we miss. But these conversations we continue to have makes them more present – erasing their absence. This way we can talk about ghosts, in this borderline dialogue of our imagination. In this sense, yes, we are surrounded, followed by presences.

K.S : I would say that I’m more sensitive to “energies” – whatever we put behind this word. But I don’t believe in ghosts in the classical sense we define them. On the contrary, I would say that I feel things that aren’t tangible, on the spiritual sense. Basically, what matters is not knowing if ghosts exists or not, but what you do of the memory of the people that you have lost, like Olivier said, it’s your mind that make them exist.

A.B : Basically you are saying that like Gabrielle Chanel that “the dead aren’t dead so long as you think of them”.
O.A : Absolutely. I have daily conversations with my lost friends, I think about them almost every day, like my parents, that I have often feel with me, by my side. I remember, after my mother died, that I had a really strange dream…

A.B : Ah you see ! Ghosts talk to us in our dreams !

O.A [laughs] : Let’s say that yes, it’s my way of believing in ghosts… When I was writing, I inspired myself of a friend that lives in San Francisco who is a medium. Her job consists in communicating with spirits.

K.S : Really ? You never told me that !

O.A : For example, she visits houses to tell potential buyers if it’s “inhabitated” or not. She checks if it’s not haunted.

A.B : If you were to die tomorrow, who would you haunt ?

K.S : My mom… my friends ? My closest friends… But not to oppress them… In the end I’m not sure I really want to haunt people ! [laughs]

O.A : Probably my daughter. But in the same time, I would be considerate not to bother her with my presence ! I would be on the tip of my toes…

K.S : Yes ! If it’s to scare the people we love once we’re gone, it’s not worth it ! [laughs]

A.B : Oliviezr, why does Kristen gives the need to incarnate character in relation with paranormal phenomenons ?

O.A : I can’t talk for other director. But for me, Kristen is such a rooted person, so concrete, that she manages to render real things that are not. With her, strange and invisible becomessimple and natural. It really impresses me. It’s a real gift. Already, when we were shooting Sils Maria, I was wondering about that. I wrote for her kind of abstract dialogues, around the paradoxes of the game of an actor, and wondered how she would get out of it. But once in her mouth, miraculously, the words became very clear. It allows me to venture into the territory of the supernatural, because she will always bring it back to reality, to the concrete, the spectator follows her, and wants to believe in it. Once again, it’s a gift.

A.B : Kristen, how did you work on the scenes that have a relation to the invisible ?

K.S : We talked a lot with Olivier, had long conversations, particularly about fear. Some scenes I should play presented emotions that went beyond fear. The questions we were asking ourselves was : what creates terror ? What can we imagine that will truly terrify us ? We were thinking of the worst thoughts, of the worst images, the scrariest, most horrible we could imagine ! And suddenly, Olivier says : “birds”. At that moment, I wasn’t sure to have understood it righ, so I ask him : “Did you say birds ?” And then he says : “Yes, birds are what scaries me the most in the world.” [laughs] I’m sorry Olivier, if I said something I shouldn’t have !

O.A [laughs] No, no it’s true, it’s a fact !

A.B If you had the possibility to meet a ghost, for example someone of your family, who would it be ?

O.A : Maybe my grandfather… A Hungarian painter quite known, doing post-impressionnist paintings. He was my mother’s father, he died well before I was born.

K.S : My mom was adopted by wonderful people that I consider like my grandparents. I love them and I’m thankful for everything they have done for us. But I would be curious to meet my biological grandparents. It would be interesting, because my mom is a woman that is really artistic. Except the fact that she is my mom, as a human being, she really fascinates me ! So I would be curious to know where she came from.

A.B : Olivier, your mother was also an artist, I think…

O.A : My mother was a stylist. Essentially at Hermès, she created the ready-to-wear there. And she invented the H buckle – like on the belts. And many other things, handbags, dresses, jewelry…

K.S : I discover things I didn’t know about you !

O.A : When I was a kid, she had her own style, skirts Catherine of Karolyi… She had her workshop in the back of our apartment, where dressmakers were working, cutting, sewing… They was always needles that fell between floor boards. So they gave me a magnet to get them back. I loved it. My mother was drawing a lot, so my bother and myself were posing for her all the time. It certainly has marked me.

A.B : Like Karl Largerfeld… Kristen, what do you know about him that people don’t ?

K.S : He is someone that can look distant in the public eye, because h’s always wearing his dark glasses and has a kind of righteousness. But in reality, he’s extremely attentive to people around him. He is mindful of everyone, in his work, at the same time productive and happy. He is really demanding with himself, to others, he wants us to learn, to feed (once again, strange translation but hard to think of anything else) with everything, to be curious, to be inspired by everything we see around the world – he has a huge amount of energy, much more that most people my age ! He is really cool and I can assure you that everyone who is working with him loves him very much.

A.B By the way, it’s time to conclude this interview, Kristen having to join him for a photoshoot. The young actress is the face of Chanel, and the couture house has also participated to the production of this movie, renewing with a long tradition of supporting artists.
Personal Shopper is out December 14.


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