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ไม่ใช่สัมภาษณ์ ไม่มีเรื่องอะไรใหม่ที่เราไม่เคยรู้

เป็นเรื่องเก่าๆประวัติของ Rob เรื่องเดิมๆ

ของการเข้ามาสู่ฮอลลีวูด … และ Cosmopolis ก็ตากล้องเป็นใครล่ะ

ขอแนะนำว่าอย่าไปอ่านคอมเมนท์ที่ VOGUE เพราะจะของขึ้นเหมือนฉัน


rima him, the vampires were old, lonely, tormented . Were isolated in claims manors, wore heavy dark coats and wandered hungry for blood only during the hours of the night.During the day, to protect them from contact with the deadly rays of the sun fell asleep in the darkness of heavy coffins locked in a dark basement or a crypt.  With him, however, everything changes . Due to the character Robert Pattinson plays in the saga of Twilight , the legendary Edward Cullen, the “undead” entering a new era : that of the post-vampires. Who are young, cute, day. And eternal. ”How many years have seventeen?” ask with a smile, in an attempt to give a measure of their eternity. Why in the world of Twilight death is no longer inevitable. They, in fact, are not dead and will never die. Are not condemned to die.


But unlike what happened with the old vampires – the ones played by Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee – the post-vampires do not pay the “dark gift” of immortality with the conviction to live in the dark . On the contrary, favored by the fact of living in a small town in Washington State where the sky is always gray and the sun is not seen hardly ever mingle among other teenagers attending the same high school, will liquefy and blend in the body social.  worship And it is now: a community of adolescents from around the world gather on Facebook by sending messages of adoring Robert Pattinson or his character , and not get tired of seeing and reviewing images of him in thousands of video or trailer loaded YouTube.


Go check: sometimes there are videos that have over 18 million hits.Robert Pattinson is the living icon of the social worship : body-symbol that sums up in himself a sort of anthropological mutation and waiting era, Edward does its a sort of prophet or Messiah.  Almost a Moses of the post-vampirism, behind which the advancing hordes of neo-vampires , created especially by women writers (not just Stephenie Meyer’s  Twilight , but Anne Rice, Lisa Jane Smith, Charlaine Harris, and many others) and publicized in television series like  True Blood or  Vampire Diaries .


Disheveled but monotonous, tormented Committee but not too outrageous but reassuring, the vampire Pattinson has striking differences compared to the blood suckers of the past , those who deambulavano by city infected with plague-stricken and pale skin / spectral and a striking hypertrophy of the canines. They were biting and extracted the “juice of life”, he gives up a bite humans and chooses to nutrirsi only animal blood but of somewhat ter be close to normal people. Manco was a vampire philanthropist social vocation.


Hard to say if Robert Pattinson – born in 1986 – looks like it or not the character that made ​​him the icon of the Web 2.0 generation . Of course: as Edward, also “Rob” or “R-Patz” – as he is known among fans – it looks like the brain, often uncomfortable, more often traversed by impulses and aspirations impossible. Rather than as an actor, for example, it seems that aspires to be recognized as a musician, author of several songs for  Twilight , plays the piano and the guitar, he was part of a rock band (Bad Girls) and has never hidden his desire to become a music producer.


How Hollywood product is quite atypical. Unlike Kristen Stewart - the Isabella “Bella” Swan in  Twilight - because she is a producer of Fox and a writer,  Pattinson has not been raised in the caravanserai of the Hollywood studios . On the contrary comes from England, where he was born and raised in a middle class neighborhood in the suburbs west of London.  son of a car salesman in American vintage student turbulent model in his spare time, at some point decide – it seems on the advice of his father – to try the theater . Runs into a version of  Tess of the d’Urberville and is passionate about the game.


The film comes later, in 2005, when director Mike Newell chooses to play Cedric Diggory in the fourth installment of the saga of the boy wizard named  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire . The film is successful and the boy with the sullen air was noticed by many. The compliments rained, encouragement as well. So Rob decided to try it for real. How to break a vicious circle, drop everything and fly to America . Where vivacchia for a while ‘, as do many, grabbing until the last minute – when he, too, we no longer hoped – the role of Edward in  Twilight at the end of a casting that has auditioned more than 5000 candidates and that he himself has faced and overcome in the antidepressant effect of a Xanax.


The success of  Twilight is overwhelming, but he seems to disdain.The rumors, in fact, I often describe as annoyed, stifled by the pressure of the press, stressed by fans, unable to leave the house without being attacked, constantly photographed and tweeted. It is the price to pay for those who is said to have earned £ 32 million, making it the richest British actor after interpreter of  Harry Potter , Daniel Radcliffe. Some critics turn up their noses in front so rapidly and exponentially. But critics, you know, the nose often curl bias. Especially those – and there are many – who do not like romantic sagas and bleeding. Him, “Rob,” is much more educated than it sounds. Law Martin Amis and Maupassant. It is a fine film buff, he knows in a non-superficial French cinema, is able to quote Jacques Audiard ( Read My Lips, A taste of rust and bones ) between the directors with whom he would like to work and say that the interpretative model that inspires Daniel Auteuil is for his performance in  The deuxième souffle by Alain Corneau.


It is no coincidence then that the David Cronenberg wanted to adapt to the big screen masterpiece Don DeLillo,  Cosmopolis : the director more extreme (but also more cerebral) of the contemporary scene calls the new actor most idolized by little girls and offers to play a role at the same time distant and very close to that of  Twilight :  no longer a vampire, but a wolf of Wall Street. A guru of high finance .Young and ruthless. One that can decide the misery of thousands of people with one his move. Locked up in his limo, lying on the leather seats, concerned only to find his barber from whom wants to get to un’aggiustatina hair, crosses Manhattan from east to west while the streets of the Big Apple rages the revolt of those whom the capitalist globalized is impoverishing our very eyes. He, apparently, is quite immaterial: his broker, perhaps, is the vampire Edward could not be. Does not come out of the limo, a horror of the crowd, does not mix with other humans.  If  Twilight has tamed the vampire myth, and has somehow made ​​compatible with a standard adolescent imagination and need to believe that everyone loves impossible can aspire to a happy ending, in  Cosmpolis ago instead work opposite and denies any possible happy ending .


After a trial as “extreme”, and brave, and in theaters all over the world comes the latest episode in the saga of  Twilight ,  Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (where Bella becomes a vampire and conceives a child with Edward hybrid immortal like vampires but to grow as humans), “Rob” is trying to distance itself from the role-cage Edward Cullen.So it will be TE Lawrence (better known as Lawrence of Arabia) in the film by Werner Herzog  Queen of the desert and scorrazzerà in the Australian desert, in the wake of the legendary Mad Max 80s, the futuristic-existential western  The rover from the director of Animal Kingdom David Michôd.


Roles apparently distant from that of Cullen . But only in appearance.  Actually, all the characters have chosen something in common: they are suspended between the need to cross the threshold of adulthood and the desire to stay young forever . 


L’Uomo Vogue , November 2012 (No. 435)


Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg

Fashion editor Rushka Bergman

Fashion Assistant Camilla Sossi, Karolyn Pho and Jonathan Pavlick

Groomer by Patricia Morales






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